Palm Fruit Discontinued

Jul 18, 2023
Aug 7, 2022
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I’m sad to announce that Palm Fruit has been discontinued and our last few bottles of our inventory were shipped out on July 18th. All active subscriptions have been deactivated and the cards on file will not be billed any further.

As an alternative to Palm Fruit we recommend the Jarrow Formulas Toco-Sorb (3 pills/day) + Lignans for life Sesamin (1 pill/day). This will provide similar nutrients and benefits as Palm Fruit. 

There were two reasons we decided to discontinue Palm Fruit. 

The practical reason for discontinuing Palm Fruit was the sheer amount of competition now in the supplement industry. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of brands selling nearly identical “me too” products. It's become very difficult to stand out from the competition without putting heavy cash and time investment into online marketing and advertising. This was not the business I was interested in participating in. For this reason, in 2018, we decided to divest in marketing and advertising for Palm Fruit and to simply service our existing client base to see if the product could sustain itself. Unfortunately, sales were not enough to justify investment in another batch of Palm Fruit.

I also hit a formulator's dilemma with the supplement industry’s current state. In 2015 I attended a nutritional ingredients expo where I remember seeing on one single aisle over 20 different manufacturers marketing different ingredients from a simple chicken egg. One company was selling the protein from the egg whites, another was selling protein from the yolks, another was selling the “egg growth factor” from the yolk, another was selling the phospholipids from the yolk, another was selling an extract from the egg shell membrane, another was selling the egg shell minerals, etc, etc. You get to a point where you find yourself formulating products that end up being more expensive and less beneficial than what someone could get through whole foods. Coupling this with an increasingly strict regulation from the FDA, it has become exceedingly difficult to innovate and break through the noise in the nutritional product industry over the last 10 years. 

As I’ve stepped away from the supplement industry over the last several years I've begun a career in residential renovations and restorations. It's been a venture where I can work with my mind and my body, be the technician I want to be, and provide something tangible that people appreciate. 

I’d like to thank all our loyal customers who’ve supported us over the years.

Thank you.