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Nature provides certain nutrients that trigger DNA repair, tissue restructuring, cancer cell dissolution, and other functions that remain dormant throughout a lifetime unless directly triggered. Our passion is delivering these extraordinary nutrients by crafting extraordinary products.

Eric Potratz Product Development

The Team Members

Eric Potratz portrait

Eric Potratz

Product Formulator

Driven by new concepts; obsessed with technical details; Eric has thrived on crafting impactful nutraceutical products for over 10 years, and is the creator & formulator of Palm Fruit. He plans to revolutionize the vitamin terminology used on the Nutrition Facts panel in the next 30 years. He drinks dark cocoa as a creative stimulant, sour beer as a social stimulant, and valerian as a relaxant.

Portland, OR
Dustin McCluskey portrait

Dustin McCluskey

President & Owner

Dustin is the President & Owner of Botanical Craft. He has a passion for operational excellence and making people happy. Dustin enjoys making things more efficient by cutting down on waste along the supply chain. He is the proud father of four, and husband to his beautiful wife Chelsea.

Springfield, OR

Product Timeline

Bottle with no label as placeholder for future design
2022 and beyond

Our future herbal adaptogen line for enhanced physical and mental endurance. Signup here for updates.

Photo of Palm Fruit liquid capsules

The release of Palm Fruit liquid capsules with improved potency, effectiveness, and ease of use over the previous powder versions.

Photo of Palm Fruit powder

The launch of Botanical Craft Palm Fruit as a rebranding of Toco-8 with higher levels of carotenoids and improved mixability.

Photo of Toco-8

The launch of Toco-8. The product received excellent customer reviews for its benefits on the skin, hair, and cardiovascular system.

Photo of tocochromanol powder extract from red palm oil

Eric Potratz imports Malaysian palm extract as a natural remedy for his mother's hair loss. After several months, she begins to notice the growth of new baby hairs on her scalp.